Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pictures of the South Georgia...

These are a few random pictures I took while we were in Georgia. I have always loved Georgia and the southern lifestyle there. My favorite thing to photography, other than my kids, are things that portray that lifestyle. Hope you enjoy!!
My parents pond and a goose that can not fly, so he stays by himself until the other geese come back.
My mom and dad
Utility Vehicles, large ones and small ones!

Lily pads in the pond at Jason's family farm.

Lamp post at Jason's family farm.

South Georgia swamp!!!
Palmetto Bushes everywhere!

Spanish Moss hanging in trees.

We were riding around the farm when I spotted these beautiful 2 red "hearts" just waiting for me to take their picture!

Farm equipment, of course!!!!

Rifle shooting.

Mary Elizabeth shooting

Harper shooting

Harrison shooting

Pine trees, LOTS of tall pine trees!

And no southern day would not be complete without little boys in Camouflage trying to climb trees!


Leslie said...

Very nice pics...The only thing about the south i cant deal with is the heat in the far as i can move is Virginia ...Ohio is just killing me in the winter!!!!!!! Hmmm im in love with Guatemalan weather !!! LOL


Terri said...

Beautiful pictures!

Aimee said...

I just found your blog off of Leslie's. Great pictures. Your kiddos are beautiful!

Melinda said...

I grew up in South Ga and those pics make me SOOO homesick!! I'd move back there today if I could! Love the pictures :-)