Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy Saturday

We had a busy weekend enjoying our wonderful community! Our small town had a great Christmas Parade (Po-rade, as Harrison says) and the kids got more candy than they have in stores!!

This is the loot from the parade; candy, toys, stuffed animals, etc. I have never seen so many nice things given out at a parade.
Jason's Uncle brought the kids a go-cart that his son out grew. It is still too big for the kids, but not for the big kid Jason!!! Jason had the best time riding the kids around. My mom and dad were here visiting as well as Jason's grandmother.

Harrison enjoying his new equipment.
Mary Elizabeth not happy that the helmet is messing up her hair bow!
Harper is her helmet that is WAY TO BIG!!

Harrison wanting to drive by himself!

Jason and Harrison covered in mud.

Harper and Daddy speeding by!!

Santa came through our neighborhood on the firetruck passing out candy.

Just what we needed more candy!!

My Dad riding the tractor, LOL!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend too.


Leslie said...

aww what a fun parade!!! The kids are soo cute racing on their new go cart!


Terri said...

Looks like a bunch of fun with you guys! I love all the tress around your town! We basically live in the desert and not one tree around!

Amy said...

Great pictures, looks like you live in a wonderful community....The kids look like they had a blast on the go cart and so did your husband