Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Weekend of Decorating!

We had a very busy weekend decorating for Christmas.
Jason and I have different taste in how a Christmas tree should look. He likes the HUGE, tall and fat trees. I like the tall and thin trees. He got the tree he wanted last year, so I got to chose the tree I wanted this year. However, when we got it home I admitted that it was a little too thin. Ok, it is WAY to skinny!! But it looked fine once it was decorated. This is Jay and the kids standing beside our pitiful little tree!!

After tree and gift shopping we headed out to our fire pit for some chili dogs cooked right on the fire. Jay loves to cook out here even when the temperature is in the 30's!!! You can see below that Dixie was even cold!

Enjoying our chili dogs.

As said in the previous post, Lucinda Bell is quite the water lover. Jay was washing some dishes and she climbed his leg to play in the water!!

Sunday evening I decorated our tree and the kids enjoyed some hot chocolate. No, I do not let them decorate our main Christmas tree! I like it a certain way so I like to do it all by myself!! But before you think I am a terrible mother keep reading!

We are having issues with Lucinda Bell and the Christmas tree!!!

This is our main Christmas tree all decorated!

This is the kid's tree upstairs that they decorate all by themselves! Well I do rearrange some ornaments (I know I have control issues)!

Our mantel in the family room.

Our snow village. The kids love playing with this!

Our stair case.

Our tree in the living room.

Dixie, Shelby, and Lucinda Bell's stockings.

I love to decorate for Christmas but I am glad I have it all done now!!


Farrah said...

How beautiful....Your house, Tree, Kids, you...

I have control issues too..So call me a bad mom but I have to do it all myself or I'm not happy!

I'm going to post pics of our decorations you gave me the idea!

Love the fire pic...My hubby wants one of those outdoor fire pits..Don't tell him but he is getting one!!! LOL

Leslie said...

I love all kinds of trees they are just very pretty!!!

Love the pics of the kids drinking their tea ABby love to drink tea too and its cute to watch her sip it like i do!!!

Great pics!

Mike and Molly Spivey said...

You guys always have so much fun!!! I love how you do things as a family and really invest your lives into your children - what a great example!!!

Last year I wanted a small tree, so we cut one down at Hubers and when we got it home it was TINY!!! It went up to our mid stomachs, it was so short! But we put it on a table and made it taller - it was pitiful!

The Rings said...

Your home is so beautiful! I can't believe how big the kiddos are getting... I am sure that Christmas just keeps getting more fun as they grow older!

Terri said...

Wow! How awesome to have that chili dog cookout! It really looked like fun! All the trees look beautiful as well as your house! You decorate beautifully!!