Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing with Daddy is getting dangerous...

If you have followed this blog long you have read many post about games Jason makes up with the kids. Riding down the hill in a wagon or see-saw, sliding down the steps on a box, putting pillows in your shirts and knock each other down; these just name a few. One thing is true about Jason, he LOVES to play with his children!
But I am beginning to think that these games are getting a little too dangerous! Jason and the kids were out riding the go-cart and this is what I found...
Yes, that is Mary Elizabeth riding on top of the go-cart in an old car seat!! Jason said he did not have enough room for everyone so he strapped a seat to the top. When I started telling him how dangerous this was the kids said that it was OK because she had on her seat belt!
The kids think that their Daddy is the BEST, and even though he does all the dangerous and crazy things with them, I must agree!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a....

The Glas Family is proud to anncounce that "TooDee" is a...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Accomplishments this week...

The Glas children made some accomplishments this week and we wanted to share them with everyone!
Harrison has been practicing on his skateboard and is finally able to ride it down the driveway. Jason built him a little ramp, but he has not quite mastered that yet!!
Just love the look in his eyes below!

Is this not the sweetest picture ever?

The girls started dance class today, they are taking ballet and tap. They love tap, you can see below that they had to put the tap shoes on once we got home and practice more!!
They were the cutest little dancers! But Mary Elizabeth was not happy that her class has to wear blue leotards!
Harrison received his first strip on his taekwondo belt today! Once he gets 3, he can move up to a new color belt.

Way to go! Mommy and Daddy are very proud!

Playing at the BEACH!

Jason works at the Gulf Coast a few days almost each week. Every once in a while we go down and play at the beach while he is hard at work! We had the opportunity to go down last week for a few days and just enjoy some relaxing time. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Me with my 3 1/2 babies!

Watch out girls!

Jason took us early one morning for a flight up and down the coast so the kids could see the beach from the air. It was beautiful!!

Ready for another day on the beach!
My Gorgeous Guatemalans!
My Beautiful Brazilian!

What a great get away (until the ride home, see my previous post)!
Thanks Daddy for taking us! Sorry you do not get to play, but I guess someone has to work!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our crazy life continues...

My oldest sister always says that the craziest things happen to our family! Either we get turned down by the Humane Society to adopt a cat because we have too many kids, or we have crazy illnesses, or have to visit the ER several times for accidents, or the fact that we have Poison Control on speed dial and have used it often! But for some reason we like to keep life interesting!

Here is how our week went:
  • Tuesday through Thursday spent time at the beach! (this is the good part and will post pictures soon)
  • Thursday morning Mary Elizabeth is not feeling well. I cut my thumb open on a rusty nail while digging in the sand (no tetanus shot since high school)!
  • Thursday afternoon driving home Mary Elizabeth starts running a fever and vomiting. We get the fever under control.
  • Thursday night (11pm) Mary Elizabeth's temperature goes from 99 to 105.2! We put everyone in the car and rush to Emergency room.
  • Argue with the ER doctor about what is wrong with her and the test prove we were right and he was wrong (had to say that!!) She has a severe Urinary Tract Infection. But they can not get her fever to break below 102, so they send us home with antibiotics.
  • Get home at 4:30am and go to bed!!
  • Mary Elizabeth continues to run a fever and vomiting all day.
  • Talked to my doctor and said I need to get a tetanus shot within 24 hours of being cut! OK, so I have 30 minutes to load everyone up and go to the local clinic! (Jason had to go to a meeting!)
  • Sitting in the clinic with Mary Elizabeth vomiting in a Wal-Mart bag in the corner, Harrison crying because he fell off the table where he was doing flips, Harper has pink and green marker all over her face and hands from coloring, and me the pregnant lady with a LITTLE cut on her finger! The Doctor just did not even know who to treat!!! I know they thought I was the worst mother in the world bringing everyone in the clinic with me and one even just got out of the hospital, but hey sometimes you just have to do thing when you have no other choice!!!
  • Mary Elizabeth continues to run a fever and vomiting until last night (Saturday), and my arms is numb from the shoulder to my elbow!
  • But today, PRAISE THE LORD, we are all well and doing much better!!!
Hopefully this week will be better!!
I know it will because Wednesday we find out if TooDee is a boy or girl, YEAH!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

See how much "TooDee" is growing...

Here are pictures from weeks 13-17.
TooDee is just growing and doing wonderful! I have started to feel movement and that has been exciting. I was telling the kids about the baby moving and hitting Mommy's belly when Harrison replied, "I will hit TooDee back if he hits my Mommy!".
Enjoy the pictures.

I actually lost weight in week 15 because of food poison from our lake trip.
This week (17) I had the first stranger ask if I was expecting. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but to me it was a major moment in my life. This is a question that I never thought I would be asked!

At my last appointment I am up to 102 lbs, yeah!!!!
Lately the kids like to get down at my belly and talk to TooDee, I just love to listen to all the crazy things they say to their little brother/sister. Can't wait until all four are together!
Don't forget to vote on what gender you think the baby will be!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harrison showing off some Taekwondo moves

Harrison started Taekwondo lessons and is doing really well!
We were not sure if he would even do it since this is the first time he has done something without Mary Elizabeth. (They may not be biological twins, but they are very much TWINS!)
He loves to practice and can't wait to go back to his class. Here are a few pictures of him showing off some of his moves!
I also think he looks so stinking cute in his little suit!!
I really have a hard time saying "NO" or disciplining this sweet face! He knows he can give me a smile and he can get anything he wants from his Mommy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cast your VOTE...

I want to see what gender everyone thinks "TooDee" is going to be!! So go to the right side of the blog and cast your vote!!
We go to find out if the kids will be getting a brother or a sister on August 19th!
We are very excited and can't wait! Of course Harrison wants a brother and the girls want a sister, but Jason and I really don't care! We plan on having more children (through another miracle pregnancy or adoption) so the gender is not that important! Just ready to have a name to call it other than TooDee, however Mary Elizabeth is stuck on this name!!
We will be keeping to our tradition of giving it a family name. If it is a boy it will name Bowen Henry after Jason's great-great grandfather and my grandfather, and called Bowen. If it is a girl it will be name Anna Louise after both Jason and my grandmothers, and be called Anna Louise (Mary Elizabeth can't be the only double name child in the family!!).