Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Georgia on my mind

The kids and I had an unexpected visit to Georgia, as I had to attend a funeral of a very close family friend. Since I had to drive all that way we stayed for several days and visited with family. We went to my uncles house and got fresh vegetables, got to see all of his animals, played in pool with cousins, and even went to a 3D movie. Hope you enjoy the slide show below of our trip.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

We celebrated Mary Elizabeth's 4th Birthday yesterday! She already had a party (Harrison and Mary Elizabeth always have a party together) so she thought she had already turned 4 years old! Mary Elizabeth is both the sweetest child and the most sneaky! She is the only of our children that has had to go to the emergency room (more than once) and the reason why we have Poison Control of speed dial! She is also 100% Daddy's girl.She brings us much joy and I am so happy that God blessed us with this precious child. Now if I could figure out to make her spot growing up!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Running around Daddy's school

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville is a gorgeous campus. The kids and I enjoyed a nice walk around the campus (and of course I had my camera to take some pictures) while we wanted on Jason to finish up some work. Here are a few of the pictures.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enjoying some beautiful Kentucky Time!!!

Jason and I lived in Louisville, KY for over 5 years while he went to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jason needed to come back to take a course this week, so the kids and I came along! The kids have enjoyed going to Vacation Bible School at our former church and we have visited with many friends. We have really enjoyed the trip so far! Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

Louisville is a beautiful city that everyone should visit!! More pictures will be coming...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

9 years ago today, I married my best friend...

Today is our 9th Anniversary!
It seems like yesterday when I said "I do" to the love of my life.
(sorry the picture is unclear, I had to scan it. No digital photos then!!)
We have had many wonderful years together and I am looking forward to many more!
Happy Anniversary to the greatest husband and Father (of almost 4, yeah!!!) in the world!