Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bo Bo the 1 year old!

What Happened to my Baby Boy????
He turned 1!!!

Had to get some pictures of Bowen on his 1st Birthday!
Looking forward to celebrating this weekend with a small party!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010 with our family

Hope you are ready for picture OVERLOAD!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Goodies

Harper: a Brazilian Christmas Angel

Harrison: A Guatemalan Christmas Cutie

Mary Elizabeth: A Guatemalan Christmas Princess

and Bowen: our Christmas snowflake
(because he is the only one with NO tan!)

Mommy LOVES her children

and loves Daddy too!

And of course Daddy can not get enough hugs!

Our tree over flowed!

Christmas Morning

New Bunk beds!!!!!!!

for everyone!!!!!!
(Mommy and Daddy were up till 2am putting beds together!)

The joys of Christmas Morning as a Parent!

Our view outside!

The Boys Room all finished - Army!

Bowen will get to enjoy the bunk bed in the future, but still in crib for now!

The boys even got a real army hammock!

The Girls Room all Finished!

It is all about being a GIRL!!!

Also new snow suits!
(we were not prepared for the weather!)

We had a wonderful Christmas and are so blessed!
God has been so good to our family this past year!
We have been through many trails, but God is aways FAITHFUL!