Monday, June 30, 2008

A week of Firsts...

This past week the kids enjoyed some new things they had not done before. I bought them a slip-n-slide, they did not know what to do with it!! They would not run and slide, so I had to set it up down hill where they could just sit and slide. They were hilarious!! They would not go down one at a time either, everyone had to go down together in a group!
They also got to go see their first movie at a Theater. We went to see Kung Fu Panda, it was very cute, but the next few days the kids spent kicking each other! PROBLEM!
Our other two girls, Dixie and Shelby are enjoying their freedom now that we live in the country!
You know you need a bigger pool when you can't see the water!!
Hope you enjoyed this little glance of our last week of fun!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Beach Vacation

The Glas Family enjoyed a nice vacation from all the moving this past week!

Jason had to work in Orange Beach, AL for a few days, so the kids and I went along with him and had a great time on the beach and in the pool. The kids got a nice tan and I got a nice BURN! But we had a great time and hated to come home to do more unboxing. Hope you are ready for beach picture overload!!

Our first day on the beach, and one of my favorite photos.

Yes, the girls bathing suits are monogrammed!!
You know that everything they own is monogrammed!

Harper was standing in front of me and could not resist taking a picture of this beautiful head of curly hair!

The kids wanted to swim in the pool, so we bought them swimmies for their arms. The girls did wonderful, Harrison just floated around (he does not want to do anything that requires a little work!).

The kids got to go to Build a Bear, and loved it! This picture is of them holding their new bears in new T-shirts.

I enjoyed my time to relax, but I mostly enjoyed watching the kids play. I look forward to many more wonderful vacations with them!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Baby Girl turned 3!!!

It is hard to believe that the beautiful, screaming baby girl we brought home from Guatemala 2 1/2 years ago has turned 3 years old! She is now a very smart, independent, sweet child that we love with all our hearts. We are so blessed that God chose us to be her parents!
We celebrated yesterday at home as a family. We had a Princess cake and Watermelon.

Mary Elizabeth brings much joy and laughter into our home!
Happy Birthday!!

She got to spend one day celebrating with Nana, Pa, Aunt Angie, Aunt Alli, Cousin Ethan, and Cousin RayLee at the farm. Nana made her a beautiful Dora cake and then she got to open many presents before heading out to play on the tire swing (her favorite thing to do at the farm).

Mary Elizabeth and Harper

Ethan and Harrison

Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Friends

The kids were asking why they could not see their friends in Georgia anymore, and I was trying to explain that we moved far away from them but they would make new friends. Mary Elizabeth then said, "I have a best friend!" (Not sure where she heard the term Best Friend.) I asked her who her best friend was and she said, "my sisser and brother, Harper and Haddy (what they call Harrison)!" Then the three of them hugged each other. It was a precious moment and I hope they always feel that way about each other (have a feeling it won't last!).

Here are a few pictures of them playing in the pool at their Mimi and PaPa's house. Hope you enjoy!!


Jason is an amazing Daddy!!

He has sacrificed so much to make us a family and then provide for our family. He would hold me while I cried because we could not have children, work several jobs while going to school full time to pay for our adoptions, and faithfully pray for God to give us children. His first real Father's Day was June 16,2005 because we received the first picture of Harrison the day before. I will never forget the joy and pride that overtook him when he found out that he was getting a SON! Now three years and three children later, he is still full of joy and pride when it comes to his kids. He loves the kids and I more than anything on this earth and he tells us that everyday! The kids think that their Daddy is the greatest! In fact, Harrison a few days ago said, "my Daddy looks like Superman!!" Jay loves playing with the kids, we have Daddy Six Flags every night before the kids go to bed. Harrison is Daddy's buddy and wants to help him do everything. Harper and Mary Elizabeth have their Daddy wrapped around their little fingers and can get anything they want with a little hug and kiss. I am so blessed to have Jason as my husband and the kids are so blessed to have him for their DADDY.

Happy Father's Day!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We are in Alabama...

We are moved into our new home, still trying to unbox everything, but loving it here!
Jason and I both grew up in the country on large farms, and we have always wanted to raise our children in the country. We found a great house on 7 acres in the cutest little town. It is out in the country, but only 10 minutes from great shopping (which is extremely important)!! Here are a few pictures of our move and our life in the country.
First truck loaded and ready to go.
Our new country home.

Our front yard has a creek.

Jay and the kids walking down our driveway.

Moving things into the house.

Taking a break from unboxing and playing at the park close to our house.

Trying to find everything!!

We have many different types of wildflowers growing and these were a few of my favorites.

We also have a huge peach tree beside our home, full of peaches. The funny thing is that Jay and I spent most of our lives in Georgia (the Peach State) and never had a peach tree!

Just a cute picture of the kids.