Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11 months old...

Well I am 11 months old now, WOW time flies!!
I am one happy, hungry, and energetic little boy!
I have 7 teeth now, I eat anything that is put in front of me (and even a few things I find on the floor). I am just a little peanut only weighing 17 pounds. But boy do I like to be on the MOVE! I try to keep up with my big brother and sisters, and they love playing with me. I am usually into something that I shouldn't be, but I am so cute that I get away with everything!
I am so excited about my first Christmas! I have already unwrapped several Christmas presents, and removed most of the bows and name tags (Mommy doesn't know who they belong to now)!
I am enjoying my last month of infancy, and looking forward to my 1st Birthday after Christmas!

I am learning how everything works...

I have figured out that I can take anything with me if I carry it in my mouth when I crawl!
(Maybe I have been watching the dogs too much)

I made my first Ginger Bread House with help.

I can stand by myself for a few seconds, but NO first steps yet!

I had my first lollipop and LOVED IT!!!

I got to share it with my favorite people in the world!!

Can't wait for all the adventures I will do as an 1 year old!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

1st snow of the year

We got our first snow of the year!
It was not much, but enough to get the kids very excited!

Hope to get more soon!!
Ready for some sledding...

It's beginning to look alot like...