Monday, July 28, 2008

Cupcake time...

We have the tradition of eating cupcakes on the anniversary of the day we got each of our children. We celebrated Harper's 1 year with a cupcake puppy because she LOVES dogs! The only dogs she had been around were mean guard dogs, so when she came home to 2 black labs she was terrified. It took time, but has grown to love dogs and would rather play with Dixie and Shelby than any toy! So, we thought it would be appropriate the have a Puppy cupcake!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today our beautiful daughter Harper Lhais was placed in our arms.

Our family of 4 (Jay, myself, Harrison, and Mary Elizabeth) got off of a plane in Curitiba, Brazil after 19 hours of traveling. We went straight to court where we were granted custody of a little girl, Lhais, who we had never meet (but were already in love with!). We then went to the orphanage (Lar Dona Vera) where several children met us at the gate. Among the kids was a tiny, but happy girl that greeted us with a big hug and kiss. When we decided to adopt an older child my biggest concern is that they would not bond to us quickly. But after many months of prayer, God answered, and Harper Lhais transitioned into our family perfectly! We stayed and played with her and the other kids for about an hour at the orphanage. She then told everyone good bye (no one could believe that she did not even cry) and we headed to our apartment. Once we were there I gave Harper her first warm bath. I will never forget the laughter that filled that tiny bathroom, it brought tears to my eyes and the thought still does today! The next 2 months in Brazil was filled with many wonderful memories that our family will never forget. This past year was filled with many firsts for Harper, and she is doing better than anyone imagined. Our friends in Brazil call Harper a princess because she literally came out of a garbage dump (where she lived half of her life) and is now treated like royalty (she is a little spoiled!). We are very blessed to have this precious child in our family. A lady at our church said it best when she said that Harper brings JOY into every room that she enters!! Here are a few pictures of our adoption experience with Harper.

Lar Dona Vera (Orphanage)

Harper opening her gifts we brought her. Yes, I put a big bow in her hair on the first day!!

Some great memories in Brazil.

Brazil requires you to reside with a child you wish to adopt for 30 days before they will allow the adoption. Day 33 was our Court Day!! Harper is finally legal our daughter and now Harper Lhais Glas. We are pictured with the judge.

Harper holding her new birth certificate with her new name.

Waiting for Harper's Passport so we can bring her home.

On the beach in Rio de Janiero. We had to spend a week there while we waited on Harper's visa so she could come to the USA.

After spending 49 days in Brazil, we were finally coming home with our new daughter! We were getting ready for another 19 hour trip, but this time with 3 toddlers!!! (They did great!)

First time Harper saw her new bed and room.

We praise God everyday that of all the people in the world, He chose us to be this wonderful child's parents! It breaks my heart to think of the things she had to suffer through to get where she is today. She has blessed our family more than she will ever know!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My family comes to Alabama...

We were blessed to have some of my family come visit us this past weekend. My mother (Jean), Grandmother (Nana Ray), older sister (Angie), and nephew (Ethan) helped us enjoy living in the country! We roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over a firepit Jason built and had watermelon.

Since our home is located on a hill, Jason has come up with several ways to ride down the hill. One of those ways is riding the kids teeter-toter like a sled. The kids did much better that the adults!



Mary Elizabeth


Me (Marsha)

Jean (my Mom)

The kids had fun on the slip-n-slide, but they were not the only ones! Here is a picture of one of our dogs (Dixie) cooling off.

This was just a sweet picture of Harper and Dixie.
We had a great time and hope we have more company soon!


These are some pictures of my gorgeous nephew Ethan.

Who can say "no" to those beautiful blue eyes?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Buisness Trip with Daddy

We love when Jay has to go on business trips to fun places, because we all go along with him. Recently he was put on a project in Orange Beach, AL and he has to visit several developments like it along the Gulf Coast. This week he had to go to Destin, FL and the kids and I were not going to pass up a chance to go to the beach! So, we played at the beach and in the pool while Jay went to meetings. Another plus is that he has to visit all the shopping centers to see what tenants they have, so we did quite a bit of shopping too.
We Love Daddy's Job!!!
Playing in the pool.

Playing on the beach.

We tried to build a sandcastle, but it did not work out!
So, we built a Guatemalan Volcano instead!
We are hoping for another fun trip soon!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesus Loves Me and a Summer Day!

The kid's Aunt SuSu (Susan) got them sidewalk paint and chalk and they have been asking to go outside and play with it all week. I was busy doing laundry this morning when they asked again if they could go "paint the road". I again replied, "Mommy is very busy this morning, maybe later." Harrison with his lips stuck out said,"But Mommy, it is a Summer Day!". How could I say no to that! So we headed outside to paint the road.

One thing that the kids and I enjoy doing is singing (not saying that it sounds good!). I have noticed that when the kids are busy doing something they sing to themselves. They were busy this morning painting and drawing with chalk and I could hear them singing Jesus Loves Me. So I thought it would be cute to write that on the driveway, I never thought I would get such cute pictures!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our Summer Day!

This is a video of the kids (mostly the girls) singing Jesus Loves Me.

Can you tell which of my children is the Super Model? Mary Elizabeth loves to have her picture taken and usually comes up with cute poses!

Enjoying Popsicles!

Thanks Aunt SuSu for all the sidewalk paint and chalk, we had so much fun!