Friday, February 27, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - Silly

It is easy to find my favorite photos to represent "Silly" since we have 3 little silly monkeys that live in our house!!! Our house is silly everyday!!!
The picture below was taken a few days after Harper was placed in our family, see how she just fit right in! We were in Brazil.
This was also taken in Brazil, it could get boring in our SMALL apartment after being there for two months but the kids always entertained us.
Also in Brazil, Daddy being silly!

First time Harper had ice cream!

Playing in boxes when we were moving. They would not get a box each, they all had to fit in one!
Just everyday silliness!!

Being silly outside.

I took the pictures below yesterday. They are really more CUTE than silly, but I had to include them!!!

I LOVE that our home is always filled with laughter!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Heart Faces

This week the theme is Black and White.
The picture below was taken of Harrison with his new pet lizard (on his shoulder), Diego. I just love his BIG BROWN eyes in this picture, it is one of my favorites!

The picture below was taken on our first day with Mary Elizabeth in Guatemala in 2005. We had to leave her in Guatemala and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but praise the Lord we returned to bring her home just 2 months later!
I love how she has her hand on Jason's face, she had him wrapped around her little finger from day 1!!!
To see more pictures click here. You may even want to enter your own picture!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend of family, puppies, dirtbikes, and chickens!

What a combination of a weekend!!!
We visited with Jason's uncle, aunt, cousins, and mom in Georgia this weekend.
Jason's Uncle and Aunt have a new member in their family, Emma Lou (she is the puppy below).
Isn't she so cute!!!
Aunt Susan (or Aunt SuSu as the kids call her) and Emma Lou.
Cousin Richard and Harrison.
Don't know why but did not get any pictures of Uncle Randy, Cousin John, or Mimi. Sorry!
Harper looking cute like always!
Mary Elizabeth posing for the camera!
All the boys went to Atlanta to the Super Cross Race on Saturday. Harrison below in his Super Cross outfit! Can you tell his Daddy dresses him this day!!!
He is still my SWEET baby boy though!!
All us girls enjoyed the day together playing at the park...
and going to a Poultry Show!!!!
(my little secret most people do not know about me is that I LOVE CHICKENS!! Not just to eat, but for pets!! I have had chickens in the past and think they are SOOOOO cute! Hope to have our own in the spring, so I had to scoop out the most interesting breeds, and we found some!)
Jason made fun of the way I dressed to go to a chicken show!! (see below - nothing wrong with looking cute for the chickens, LOL!)
Some of the Poultry we saw at the show.
We had a great weekend and I hope everyone did too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February a month of joy and sorrow.

February is a month with many celebrations in our family:
Valentine's Day
Jason's Birthday (he doesn't want anyone to know that!)
My grandmother's Birthday (today)
But it also marks an anniversary that is difficult for me. For those of you who read this blog often know Jason and I struggle with infertility. We do see the blessing in our struggle, #1 God has giving us three wonderful children through the miracle of adoption, and #2 we have learned to trust God in all circumstances! However, it is still an issue I still deal with everyday.
February 2003 is when Jason and I "thought" we were ready to start a family. So I have seen February come and go for 6 years now. That is 72 months of hoping, 312 weeks of counting days, 2,190 days of praying.
Do I love my children, ABSOLUTELY!!!
Have I given up on knowing what it is like to carry a child in my womb and bring life into this world, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
I may never get to know what that is like, but I DO know what it is like to be a mother and I praise God for that everyday!!! We want our house full of children, however God wants to give them to us!!
I found this online that a lady wrote about her struggle with infertility and I can really identify with her, hope you enjoy.

Rain and Sunlight --by Sandra
Imagined if you lived somewhere in the rain...and everyday someone talked about seeing the sunlight, but you had never seen it. No matter how much you pretend that it doesn't bother you --you still have never seen it. Once you came close....but missed it. You have waited in a line for years, awaiting the chance that someday it would be your turn. People have come and gone...friends have since got up and walked into the sunlight and have forgotten me....lost in the darkness. Some people wonder why I still wish I could see the sunlight since I have lived in the darkness all my life. Some ask me if I still want to see it, thinking I have given up hope of seeing it. Some will never know the loss of waiting...., most will never understand the need to wait forever...., some can't understand why I try...
Someday it will be my turn in the sun.

My 3 little Blessings!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Love Faces Blog

I decided to join in on the fun at I Love Faces (thanks Melinda for inviting me). They have a weekly Photo Contest and a new theme each week.

Its week 6 in the photography contest and this week's theme is "wonder"!
I had a hard time choosing, since I have so many pictures and I think that all the pictures of my 3 babies are "wonder"ful!!
I chose this picture of Mary Elizabeth, I just love the look of wonder on her face.

This is a photo of my younger sister and her daughter walking on the beach.

My niece was in wonder about everything on the beach!!

To see more pictures click here. You may even want to enter your own picture!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

We spent our Valentine Weekend in Orange Beach, AL. It was still too cold and rainy to actually go to the beach but we enjoyed spending time together as a family.
We went to the movies and filled up on popcorn and candy!
Jason had to go to some meetings on Friday so the kids and I were lazy all morning at the condo. Here is a picture of the kids blowing bubbles they got in their Valentine bags.

I then took the kids to Build-A-Bear and I did some shopping (no pictures of me shopping, but got some really cute things!!)

Kids with their new Friends!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One fun weekend and picture overload!!!

We had a fun filled weekend and really enjoyed the warm weather!!
On Saturday we got a chance to go meet Larry and Bob (from Veggie Tales, Christian cartoons). You will not see Harper in the pictures because she was latched to my side screaming! She was terrified of them, which is understandable since she has never seen anything like that before (sure they never had walking cucumbers and tomatoes in the orphanage!).

I had to get some pictures of my babies outside, since I never take any, LOL!!!
Can you tell who is proud of his helmet?
The one below is my favorite!

Mary Elizabeth with attitude as usual!

My sweet Harper!
We took advantage of the warm weather and did lots of go-cart riding.
Harrison driving
Jason took Dixie for a ride. She loved it!!! The dogs usually chase the go-cart, so she was happy to ride instead of run (probably why she is soooooo over weight).

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and ready to start a new week!