Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Update on us...

The Glas family is still here and very busy!!
My laptop memory is full so I have not been able to do anything with my blog.
I decided to use my husband's computer to give a quick update on what our family has been up to lately. Most things will be coming to an end for the summer in May (Ballet, Taekwondo, and T-Ball). I will not know what to do with all that free time!! We are doing wonderful and the kids are growing like little weeds!

Bowen had his first road trip to Georgia to visit family.
He did great in the car, but then he has lots of entertainment back there!!!

We spent Easter with our families and Bowen got to meet some family he had not met yet.

Ok, I know I say this everytime, but I think I have the greatest kids in the World!!

Harper lost her first tooth! However, we have no idea what happened to it.

Bowen took his first trip to the BEACH!!!

Jason had to work most of the time, so it was mostly just the kids and I. We did good considering not knowing what I needed for a baby on the beach!!!
Yes, I did keep him out of the sun!!!
Do you see him napping under the umbrella?

We LOVE the beach!!
This trip Mary Elizabeth got stung by a jellyfish, but that did not slow her down from having fun.

Harrison says that they "change colors" in the summer. He wants to know when Bowen is going to "change colors" too!

My sweet (most of the time) girls.

My handsome Big Boy

My other two handsome men.

Jason and I were talking about how much we enjoy our children. I hate it when people comment negatively about us having 4 kids. It is a shame that so many people do not view children as a blessing from the Lord!