Monday, December 1, 2008

New Member of the Glas Family...

Lucinda Bell joined our family this weekend!

While we were visiting my Nana Ray we got a chance to see her cat, Fluffy. Fluffy had beautiful kittens, and one boy and one girl were left (9 weeks old). My Nana decided to keep the little boy and no one wanted this precious little girl kitten. You all know that I can not stand the thought of something not having a home, but thought I was allergic to cats (from visit to Humane Society). But after spending the weekend with these cats, I realized I was not allergic to cats but something at the shelter. So after MUCH pleading with Jason we brought home our new kitten. Lucinda Bell was Jason's great-grandmother's name (I asked permission before I named a cat after her).

Me holding Lucinda Bell and her mama, Fluffy.

The kids are so excited about their new kitten!!

Lucinda Bell is the sweetest kitten!! She has already chosen Jason as her favorite person. She follows him around everywhere. We were at the store buying her new bowls, toys, etc. I asked Jason if we needed to buy her a bed and he said "No, because she is going to sleep in the bed with us!" She has won her Daddy over!!

She may have been the rejected kitten, but she is already the princess of our home!


Mike and Molly Spivey said...

See - you are eligible to adopt a kitten!!! "Take that Humane Society!"

Glad you guys finally got a cat!

Vanessa said...

That's a cute kitty!!

Amy said...

She is too cute..I'm glad you were able to get a kitty. Yes the humane society cleans with weird things, it could be anything you were allergic too.

Jaime said...

too cute! (everyone i mean!) i lost your new address for christmas cards. can you email me at or are you on facebook?