Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today our beautiful daughter Harper Lhais was placed in our arms.

Our family of 4 (Jay, myself, Harrison, and Mary Elizabeth) got off of a plane in Curitiba, Brazil after 19 hours of traveling. We went straight to court where we were granted custody of a little girl, Lhais, who we had never meet (but were already in love with!). We then went to the orphanage (Lar Dona Vera) where several children met us at the gate. Among the kids was a tiny, but happy girl that greeted us with a big hug and kiss. When we decided to adopt an older child my biggest concern is that they would not bond to us quickly. But after many months of prayer, God answered, and Harper Lhais transitioned into our family perfectly! We stayed and played with her and the other kids for about an hour at the orphanage. She then told everyone good bye (no one could believe that she did not even cry) and we headed to our apartment. Once we were there I gave Harper her first warm bath. I will never forget the laughter that filled that tiny bathroom, it brought tears to my eyes and the thought still does today! The next 2 months in Brazil was filled with many wonderful memories that our family will never forget. This past year was filled with many firsts for Harper, and she is doing better than anyone imagined. Our friends in Brazil call Harper a princess because she literally came out of a garbage dump (where she lived half of her life) and is now treated like royalty (she is a little spoiled!). We are very blessed to have this precious child in our family. A lady at our church said it best when she said that Harper brings JOY into every room that she enters!! Here are a few pictures of our adoption experience with Harper.

Lar Dona Vera (Orphanage)

Harper opening her gifts we brought her. Yes, I put a big bow in her hair on the first day!!

Some great memories in Brazil.

Brazil requires you to reside with a child you wish to adopt for 30 days before they will allow the adoption. Day 33 was our Court Day!! Harper is finally legal our daughter and now Harper Lhais Glas. We are pictured with the judge.

Harper holding her new birth certificate with her new name.

Waiting for Harper's Passport so we can bring her home.

On the beach in Rio de Janiero. We had to spend a week there while we waited on Harper's visa so she could come to the USA.

After spending 49 days in Brazil, we were finally coming home with our new daughter! We were getting ready for another 19 hour trip, but this time with 3 toddlers!!! (They did great!)

First time Harper saw her new bed and room.

We praise God everyday that of all the people in the world, He chose us to be this wonderful child's parents! It breaks my heart to think of the things she had to suffer through to get where she is today. She has blessed our family more than she will ever know!


Laura said...

My husband and I are talking about adopting an older child in a few years. I am concerned too about the child bonding with us. It is my only problem with adopting an older child, but I think we would rather adopt an older one. This is very encouraging! I know that God can change hearts and minds. He knows what we need. Laura Griffiths

Hurst Family said...

What a wonderful adoption story! Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it!

emily said...

marcia and jason, i have absolutely loved reading your blog, seeing your precious gifts from the Lord, and reading your dialogue aoubt life! thank you for sharing with the rest of us! I am truly inspired by you all and cry everytime i come to your site! God bless,
emily pellowe

Brandon Family said...

Marsha, thank you for sharing that story. I can not imagine the joy in your heart seeing her the first time. I hope you all enjoyed your cupcakes. What a great tradition!

Flynt Family said...

Oh Marsha! I just cried when I read your blog. What a blessing you have been to Harper and Harper to you all. God is such a wonderful God!! Your family is just precious!