Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesus Loves Me and a Summer Day!

The kid's Aunt SuSu (Susan) got them sidewalk paint and chalk and they have been asking to go outside and play with it all week. I was busy doing laundry this morning when they asked again if they could go "paint the road". I again replied, "Mommy is very busy this morning, maybe later." Harrison with his lips stuck out said,"But Mommy, it is a Summer Day!". How could I say no to that! So we headed outside to paint the road.

One thing that the kids and I enjoy doing is singing (not saying that it sounds good!). I have noticed that when the kids are busy doing something they sing to themselves. They were busy this morning painting and drawing with chalk and I could hear them singing Jesus Loves Me. So I thought it would be cute to write that on the driveway, I never thought I would get such cute pictures!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our Summer Day!

This is a video of the kids (mostly the girls) singing Jesus Loves Me.

Can you tell which of my children is the Super Model? Mary Elizabeth loves to have her picture taken and usually comes up with cute poses!

Enjoying Popsicles!

Thanks Aunt SuSu for all the sidewalk paint and chalk, we had so much fun!


Amy said...

You are such a good mommy! :) I think about your wisdom sometimes when I don't feel like going to the zoo, or we just got out of the pool and they want to swim again.
You help me enjoy my own children more (and remember to take pictures!) because it's so obvious how much you enjoy yours!!! :) They are so blessed, and growing so fast!!

The Yates' said...

What cute pictures! The Jesus loves with them laying under it is by far my favorite!