Friday, July 18, 2008

Buisness Trip with Daddy

We love when Jay has to go on business trips to fun places, because we all go along with him. Recently he was put on a project in Orange Beach, AL and he has to visit several developments like it along the Gulf Coast. This week he had to go to Destin, FL and the kids and I were not going to pass up a chance to go to the beach! So, we played at the beach and in the pool while Jay went to meetings. Another plus is that he has to visit all the shopping centers to see what tenants they have, so we did quite a bit of shopping too.
We Love Daddy's Job!!!
Playing in the pool.

Playing on the beach.

We tried to build a sandcastle, but it did not work out!
So, we built a Guatemalan Volcano instead!
We are hoping for another fun trip soon!


allison_h2006 said...

your beach pics are super cute! it looks like the kids had a blast! sorry we missed ur this weekend...hope to see u soon! love u! alli and RayLee

Sarah said...

Did you know that our original plan was to be in Destin the same time as you? We changed at the last minute and went to Hilton Head. Sorry we missed you!

Your children are so amazingly beautiful and I love all the beach pictures!! Glad you had such a great time!

The Rogers Family said...

I love Mary Elizabeth's pose in front of the pool. Too cute!