Monday, June 30, 2008

A week of Firsts...

This past week the kids enjoyed some new things they had not done before. I bought them a slip-n-slide, they did not know what to do with it!! They would not run and slide, so I had to set it up down hill where they could just sit and slide. They were hilarious!! They would not go down one at a time either, everyone had to go down together in a group!
They also got to go see their first movie at a Theater. We went to see Kung Fu Panda, it was very cute, but the next few days the kids spent kicking each other! PROBLEM!
Our other two girls, Dixie and Shelby are enjoying their freedom now that we live in the country!
You know you need a bigger pool when you can't see the water!!
Hope you enjoyed this little glance of our last week of fun!


Amy said...

ha!! I love the kids on the slip n slide on the hill!! Too funny!! :)

Sarah said...

What fun you have with your children, Marsha! I am thinking of taking Sophie to see Kung Fu Panda too... hopefully, she will sit through it!

LOVE your beautiful new home in the country!