Sunday, June 8, 2008

8 Year Anniversary

June 3, 2008 - Jason and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. However, our relationship goes back even farther. Jason and I were in the same Pre-school Sunday School class when we were just 2 years old. Ever Sunday Jason would pull my hair and make me cry, then his Grandmother (the teacher) would hold me until my mom came to get me. We then went to Elementary School together for a few years until Jason moved to Florida. Several years later, I vividly remember coming into church one Sunday morning and seeing a very handsome 16 year old guy. I knew right away who he was so I kindly asked him if he wanted to go with several of us for ice cream after church. In a very strong voice he replied,” I don’t like ice cream”. But in time we became very close friends and soon started dating. We dated for five years and were married June 3, 2000. I was thinking back on our life together and have many fond memories: going fishing together, watching Jay play football, Jay watching my beauty pageants and horse shows, flying together, going hunting together (but I talked too much!), going on trips, struggling with infertility together, adopting our children, camping, shopping, MOVING 6 times together, playing with the kids, talking, reading the Bible together, singing Hymens together, watching movies, going for rides in the country, laughing together, and praying together. This list could go on and on!!! But one thing that I noticed is that we do EVERYTHING together. Jason is my BEST FRIEND and I am his, so we just enjoy spending all of our time with each other. Jason is a very kind and compassionate person, who always puts others needs before his own. He truly loves and trusts God with all his heart, and loves God’s Word. He spoils both the kids and I, and treats us like royalty. Jason is the most wonderful man I know and I am so blessed to have him as my husband. We are looking forward to many more wonderful years together.