Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Beach Vacation

The Glas Family enjoyed a nice vacation from all the moving this past week!

Jason had to work in Orange Beach, AL for a few days, so the kids and I went along with him and had a great time on the beach and in the pool. The kids got a nice tan and I got a nice BURN! But we had a great time and hated to come home to do more unboxing. Hope you are ready for beach picture overload!!

Our first day on the beach, and one of my favorite photos.

Yes, the girls bathing suits are monogrammed!!
You know that everything they own is monogrammed!

Harper was standing in front of me and could not resist taking a picture of this beautiful head of curly hair!

The kids wanted to swim in the pool, so we bought them swimmies for their arms. The girls did wonderful, Harrison just floated around (he does not want to do anything that requires a little work!).

The kids got to go to Build a Bear, and loved it! This picture is of them holding their new bears in new T-shirts.

I enjoyed my time to relax, but I mostly enjoyed watching the kids play. I look forward to many more wonderful vacations with them!!


Ashley & Chuck said...

I love the monogrammed swimsuits!! Too Cute! I love Harper's curly hair too. I'm glad you guys had such a good time!

Brandon Family said...

Marsha-I love the beach pictures! We love Build A Bear too...what a fun thing to do. I hope the unpacking goes well.

D & A said...

I love the 8th picture down in this post. Harrison in the middle of the two girls. With his cool dude sunglasses on it looks like they are his beach babes. Too funny. What little dolls they are.

Laura said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I really want to adopt, and so does my husband. I'm just so tired right now (because of fertility treatments) and feel a little overwhelmed by all of it. I think I just need a short break to get some things settled. Now I just want to prepare my heart for it. Your life is such an inspiration!
P.S. I'm from Gulf Shores, AL.
Laura Griffiths