Monday, June 16, 2008


Jason is an amazing Daddy!!

He has sacrificed so much to make us a family and then provide for our family. He would hold me while I cried because we could not have children, work several jobs while going to school full time to pay for our adoptions, and faithfully pray for God to give us children. His first real Father's Day was June 16,2005 because we received the first picture of Harrison the day before. I will never forget the joy and pride that overtook him when he found out that he was getting a SON! Now three years and three children later, he is still full of joy and pride when it comes to his kids. He loves the kids and I more than anything on this earth and he tells us that everyday! The kids think that their Daddy is the greatest! In fact, Harrison a few days ago said, "my Daddy looks like Superman!!" Jay loves playing with the kids, we have Daddy Six Flags every night before the kids go to bed. Harrison is Daddy's buddy and wants to help him do everything. Harper and Mary Elizabeth have their Daddy wrapped around their little fingers and can get anything they want with a little hug and kiss. I am so blessed to have Jason as my husband and the kids are so blessed to have him for their DADDY.

Happy Father's Day!!


Amy said...

I love the tent in the living room! Fun, fun. What a sweet post.