Friday, July 10, 2009

What we say and what kids hear can be different!

We had a interesting and scary day with Harrison yesterday.
It all started Wednesday afternoon about 5:00 pm, when he came to me crying because he fell and hit his head. I quickly told him he was fine, to stop crying and go play with his sisters. (I know that is not very compassionate, but they fall and get hurt a million times a day, and I saw NO blood!) He went back to playing and I thought nothing else about it. We went to church at 6:30 pm and the nursery worker came and got me at 7:00 pm saying Harrison was not feeling well. Once I get to him he starts vomiting and saying his head hurt. So we loaded everyone up and went home where he vomited a couple of times more and then he felt fine. He slept wonderful and we just figured it was something he ate or a small stomach bug. He was playing Thursday morning and then came to me and said his head hurt and started vomiting again. Now I am concerned and called the Pediatrician who told me to bring him in immediately! By the time we get there he is feeling fine and playing around the doctor's office. Then my sweet little boy told on me!!! The doctor asked him how he hit his head and he replied, "My Mommy was on the phone and not watching. I jumped off the table backwards onto the sofa and hit my head." Thankfully the doctor is a Mom too and knows you can't watch them every second!! So after a through exam the doctor could find nothing wrong, so she suggest he go have a CT scan done just to make sure there is not something else going on with his head. When I hear this of course I panic and think of everything that could possible be wrong!! So I picked up my husband, who is also very concerned, and we drive to the Children's Hospital. On the way we are trying to explain to Harrison about how a CAT scan works. We told him at the hospital he would lay on a CAT scan and they would take pictures of his head to see what was inside. So, when we pull into the parking lot Harper, who had been listening so well to our conversation said, "Is this the hospital where we get to see Cats?" Not even putting things together I said, "no they don't have cats here, this is where they will look at Harrison's head." Harper again says, "Are they looking for cats in his head?" Then we get it and we all laughed because she thought the CAT scan would find cats in brother's head!! What we say and what kids hear can be so different and so SWEET!
The scan turned out fine and they found nothing, to our relief!! They figure he probably hit his head and it briefly gave him headaches and made him nauseous.
So the lesson learned in our house is:
DO NOT jump backwards off tables while Mommy is on the phone because it will put CATS in your head!


happymomof2 said...

WOW- scary! But cute story about cats in the head- LOL!! So glad to hear that Harrison is okay and hope that he is feeling better:)

aamayna said...

Oh my gosh!! I dont know wether to laugh or feel bad for you! That would be scary, but I just love the cats in the head translation!! So cute! I am so happy he is okay now though!!

Leslie said...

OMG i swear your house sound like mine...BUT now my oldest are teens and its mostly sports REALLY never ending!!! lol

Awwwwwww cats?!!! They are sooooo cute!!! is he ok?

p.s wait till #4 the party is just starting! ;o)

Vanessa said...

Glad he's ok but man it sounded like a conversation from my own house!! How are you feeling?

Lisa said...

Okay, that is the cutest story I have heard in a long time! Wonder if she was thinking about the animal shelter where you tried to adopt a cat? Is that what she meant by the "hospital with the cats?" Or am I getting you confused with some other bloggy people! LOL

Marsha said...

No Lisa, that was us that was turned down to adopt a cat!!! We have the craziest things happen to us!!

Melinda said...

Don't you hate it when the kids tattle on us?! Great story (now that we know Harrison's ok). Hope your pregnancy is going well. We should e-mail and compare stories!


Hannah said...

Wow! I would have been scared too. I am so thankful he is ok and glad they didn't find any cats in his head :)

Brandon Family said...

Oh how scary. I am so glad that all is well.

Kelli said...

OMG, very scary!!! Well my aunt has told me all about this family that is hoping to come to their church to meet everyone, and guess what it is you all!!! Man it is a small world. She said that you all plan to come the 23rd of August. I hope to come and bring the boys so that we can finally meet. I am wayyyy behind on the blog as life has been crazy, but I plan to get lots of vacation shots downloaded today. Take care and we may see you all soon!!!