Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in Alabama

We went to bed Saturday night with a chance of snow flurries and woke up to a winter wonderland!!!
OK, I was not prepared and had no snow attire for the kids. That is why Harper is wearing Harrison's camouflage pants, LOL!!
Our house covered in snow.
Our front yard.
Throwing snow balls

I am loving the snow!! Makes me miss living in Kentucky!
Kids having so much fun!

I took several pictures of the roads on our way to church, it was so beautiful!

This is our beautiful snowman, LOL!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
We are a little sad that the snow melted, but happy that the sun is shining!!


Vanessa said...

That looks so beautiful and like a lot of fun too!! I guess I need to move further north!

Leslie said...

OMG just bring the kids to my house its none stop 9months out of there year..WE do have plenty of hats,coats,scarves! LOL

they look tooo cute!


Melinda said...

Looks like everyone had fun! I can remember growning up in South Ga and it snowing, once! It was so exciting! If only I knew what God had in store for me!! Great pictures!

Melinda B

Terri said...

Hola from Guatemala!!!
Looks beautiful but so very cold!
Sunny here and in the 70's!!! Gotta love the weather here in Guatemala!!!