Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's been a long time...

I know it has been too long since I have posted. The kids are growing so fast and changing everyday! We have had alot going on, so Blogging has not been a priority in my life right now!!
I started homeschooling the kids (Kindergarten) and that is going GREAT! I love having them home with me and they soak up everything like little sponges. They enjoying having school and they would do it everyday, even Saturdays! I LOVE these little guys sooooo much!!!

Harrison is enjoying being a BIG brother and sharing a room with Bowen. The first night Harrison said he stayed up most the night watching Bowen sleep because he was so excited!

Mary Elizabeth has always been our independent child and now I feel like I have a 15 year old in the house not a 5 year old!! But she is just excelling in her school work and is already moving on to 1st grade math. She also started reading small books.

Harper of course is still the happy child she has always been! She is my big helper when it comes to Bowen, we call her "little Mama". She will do anything for Bowen - which has caused him to become VERY spoiled!

Bowen had his first trip to the park and Harrison pushed him in the swing...

as you can see he LOVED it!

Bowen changes so fast. He is VERY active!!! He pulls up on everything, crawls very fast, eats constantly, talks loudly and non-stop, said his first word "Mama"! He is so much fun and brings back so many memories of Harrison and Mary Elizabeth when they were this age. He keeps me so busy, I do not know how I did it with 2 this age back then!!!

Thought I needed to post his 7 month pictures since he turns 8 months tomorrow!!

See my 2 teeth!!

They grow so fast, I am so thankful that I rarely miss a minute of it!!


Terri said...

Bowen is getting so big!!! And so darn cute too! =)
I'm so glad you posted pictures. We miss those gorgeous kids of yours! And you too of course! =)

Hurst Family said...

Precious pictures, Marsha! I am homeschooling my younger girls for the first time this year, too. I love it, though it is hard on some days. Worth all the sacrifice.
I also love the pic of you and your sisters!! Beautiful mamas!!

Kim said...

I check your blog periodically and had to say "welcome to home schooling!"

It's so great for a lot of reasons - not the least of which is that attachment and bonding stuff they always tell us adoptive parents about! :)