Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"I want to pick out my own clothes!"

Mary Elizabeth has always been very independent and strong willed. Now that she is older I give her more and more chances to make decisions for herself. She told me that she did not want to dress like Harper anymore, so I dress them differently most of the time (except I get my way sometimes!). Also she wants to pick out her own clothes, however she does not really know if something matches or not. This has been hard for me because I LOVE LOVE LOVE dressing my kids in cute clothes.
This how she dresses herself today...

Sorry Mary Elizabeth, but I think Mama will re-dress you before we go to church tonight!!!


Shelly Powers said...

I miss see yall but I am glad yall are doing great! Just a little trip with clothes brylee and I have a "deal" she gets to pick out her clothes on tue thur and sat (unless we are going somewhere special) and I pick out mon wed fri and if she complains on my day then I get to pick out on her day. We share sunday... I pick out her church outfit and she picks out the afternoon outfit. We have been doing this since last year and it works great! If figure at least she looks "cute" half of the time! Ha! :) bowen is just such a little cutie looks just like jason! :) take care!

happymomof2 said...

LOVE the new pictures. I have a daughter who insists on dressing herself, which is always a battle! To top things on she loves to wear dresses/ skirts to school. She doesn't have that many dresses; and the school has a policy on no dress shoes, flip flops, crocs etc... for saftey reasons. Needless to say this makes getting ready for school such a "joy". So every night before bed she has to pick out her entire outfit so we don't have issues in the morning-LOL! Looking forward to private school when she wears a uniform:) HAHA!

allisonharper said...

ok so I just laughed out loud!!! hahahaha this is sooo funny! It reminds me of RayLee she loves to dress herself as well and more than likely its an off the wall outfit! lol

love yall!