Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Triple Sunday School Baby Shower

Our Sunday School class at church is about to hit a growth spurt, because there will be 3 new babies joining us very soon! Several of the ladies in the class put together a Baby Brunch for all us ladies to get together and celebrate the soon arrival of the 3 little blessings. It was so beautiful and our class is so giving!! Here are a few pictures from the Brunch.
The 3 Mama's
(2 baby boys and 1 baby girl coming)

The Gifts

We are so thankful to be apart of a very loving and giving Church Family!
We can't wait for all 3 little ones to join us!


Leslie said...

ohhh i see some cute Target clothes!!!

My old church gave me a baby shower when before we brought abby home and my friends all gave me one with each of my babies...what great people you are surrounded by!

Terri said...

What a great shower you had! Cute, cute clothes!

Lisa said...

How adorable! Did they monogram everyones things, or just know you love it? lol The clothes are beautiful.

aamayna said...

Oh I love showers!! How exciting and I love that you could combine the celebration with friends!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful shower! Love all the beautiful monogrammed things. Beautiful!

Vanessa said...

You got some beautiful gifts!! I can't wait to see Baby Bowen added to your family!!