Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bowen Henry

Meet Bowen Henry, due in just 19 more weeks...

I have been meaning to scan this picture and post, but we have been very busy.

We had the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and found out we are having a boy. It was a very exciting time for our family and an experience that will be in my mind forever! Harrison was very excited when the nurse told him he was getting a brother! He was smiling from ear to ear and the first thing he said was, "Yes! We can get bunk beds!". Harper was just so excited it was a baby she did not care if it was a boy or girl. Mary Elizabeth started crying right there in the ultrasound room! She thought that if it was a boy he would come out walking and playing with Harrison and she would not have anything to baby! So, after I convinced her that he would still be very small and he would need a big sister to help him she was OK. Bowen Henry is named after great-grandfathers on both my and Jason's side of the family.

I have done really well with not buying baby things, until now! It is very hard not to buy the cute little bitty clothes that I never got to buy with my other three. The kids are worse than me! They want to buy him everything, the girls even want to buy him PINK!

Jason said he feels the same as he did when we got our referrals for the kids. We have a picture (or somewhat one), a name, and are preparing for a child so lets go get him (or in this case for the 19 weeks to hurry up and pass)!

We can hardly wait to be able to hold our baby Bowen in our arms, and I have found that it is the exact same feeling no matter if you carry them in your belly or in your heart!


Leslie said...

i love that name..very old school!!!

funny how each child reacts to the news of a new baby...Mine all had very funny reactions!!! GRant cried because he wanted 2 always be the baby..awww i wasnt expecting that one..BUT he grew to be soo in love with abby!!!


Lund7 said...

How exciting for your children to be such a part of this whole experience with their new baby brother!! I love the name you've picked out! I hope the 19 weeks fly by for you!!!

Melinda said...

I was glad to hear your update and see that precious ultrasound pic! I'm still amazed that a little one is growing inside of me!! God is so good!!! Hope you're enjoying every minute of your pregnancy...its going by much too quick!


Terri said...

Nice to see and meet ya Bowen Henry!!!! Your a cutie!!!!

Hannah said...

What a wonderful name! I love that the kids each had such a different reaction!

Vanessa said...

That's the best photo I have seen in a long time. It's a sheer image of God's little miracles!!

Lisa said...

How lovely! What an adorable name. I am sure Bowen will adapt to some pink in his wardrobe in no time flat! I have to say, I think Bowen has Daddy's nose! You can already tell! Now you will be in serious trouble if he has Dad's sense of adventure for game time! LOL