Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing at the BEACH!

Jason works at the Gulf Coast a few days almost each week. Every once in a while we go down and play at the beach while he is hard at work! We had the opportunity to go down last week for a few days and just enjoy some relaxing time. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Me with my 3 1/2 babies!

Watch out girls!

Jason took us early one morning for a flight up and down the coast so the kids could see the beach from the air. It was beautiful!!

Ready for another day on the beach!
My Gorgeous Guatemalans!
My Beautiful Brazilian!

What a great get away (until the ride home, see my previous post)!
Thanks Daddy for taking us! Sorry you do not get to play, but I guess someone has to work!



Rhonda said...

Those are just the cutest ever pictures of your kiddo's. All of them are just beautiful. The view from the plane is totally awesome. Love the picture of you and kids.

happymomof2 said...

Love all the beach pictures! Makes me want to pack up and head there right now!!! Looks like you all had a great time.

Leslie said...

I love the beach too!!!!!! that sand is soooo white i have never been on white sand..hmmm better hint to hubby!

Your Guatemalans and Brazilian are gorgeous!

Lisa said...

LOVE the little sea gull in the last shot. The first picture almost looks like they are playing in snow! Not used to that white of sand here on the middle east coast, when we head "beachward." Great pictures, as always. Glad everyone had a good time, except for all the "other" things that happened!