Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harrison showing off some Taekwondo moves

Harrison started Taekwondo lessons and is doing really well!
We were not sure if he would even do it since this is the first time he has done something without Mary Elizabeth. (They may not be biological twins, but they are very much TWINS!)
He loves to practice and can't wait to go back to his class. Here are a few pictures of him showing off some of his moves!
I also think he looks so stinking cute in his little suit!!
I really have a hard time saying "NO" or disciplining this sweet face! He knows he can give me a smile and he can get anything he wants from his Mommy!


Melinda said...

He looks like a little man!! Such a sweet face...I'd have a hard time saying no to him too!


Terri said...

Cute is right!!!!

Leslie said...

OH he looks soooooooo cute in that outfit...and strong too!!!

I just signed abby up for ballet ..she is going to love it ....

They are getting big sooo fast!

Lisa said...

That is SOOOO adorable. LOVE his serious faces. Looks like you have a little Taekwondo-er on your hands! lol

Hannah said...

Great pictures! Dmitry just started in January/February and just got his yellow belt. Good Luck to Harrison...he is adorable!

Rhonda said...

OMGOSH, way toooo cute!