Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My kids are out of Preschool for the Summer, and I figured that since they are out early we would continue with school at home. I was a teacher (8th grade Math teacher) before kids, so I figured I was qualified to teach my three preschool.
The girls LOVE it!!! They wake up and want to know if we are having home school today.
Mary Elizabeth below happily doing her work.

Harper happily doing her work.
You can see from the pictures below that Harrison does not enjoy doing his school work! He will sit there for an hour and never write one single thing! He says he does not like school and pokes his cute lips out. He is so cute I had to get pictures of him!!

Not sure if he is going to make it through HOME SCHOOL!!!


Kate said...

Oh my GOSH Marsha, those pictures of Harrison are almost too much! I hope he finds ways to enjoy it. Good for you for keeping them going!

Leslie said...

OMG that is my house!!!! MY boys HATE SCHOOL but ashley is my A student..MOM dont you know they have more important things to do like play in the dirt! lol

Hannah said...

That is funny. I love his pout look!

Mandy said...

Your kids are too cute writing their letters.
I love the picture of Harrison with the pouty lips.

Terri said...

That is a great picture! When Harrison graduates college, make sure you show him that picture of pouting!
That is awesome about the home schooling! We all should do the same!

Blackman Blog said...

So....are you guys really going to home school in the future? WE LOVE IT. But I know that God calls us all in different directions. Both of my children love school and really don't like breaks much. We school almost year round. :) God is good!
Lisa Lavender B.

a devoted heart said...

He is definitely all boy!! That's how it was at our house--most of us girls loved doing school, but Jeremy would much rather go outside and play!