Monday, May 4, 2009

Dirtbike Gear

Many of you know one of Harrison's future dreams is to be a dirt bike rider. (Of course Jason fuels that dream since he grew up riding dirt bikes!) Harrison does not have a dirt bike yet, only a go cart. But he already has most of his riding gear!! Here are a few pictures of my little handsome boy in his dirt bike gear.
He even has the face of a dirt bike rider!


Vanessa said...

I use to LOVE to ride dirt bikes with my brother and my son is not quite that kind of dare devil!! I guess I better start working on my daughters!!

Can't wait to see your little man in action one of these days!

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

that boy might hurt his sweet face!!!! Dare devil but sooo darn cute!

Hannah said...

Boys. I love a real BOY...a dirt loving, messy boy. I swear, they sure do know how to melt a mommys heart!

Dmitry loves dirt bikes and all the gear too. He doesn't have one either but he keeps working on it :)

aamayna said...

Awesome!! I actually used to ride a dirtbike too when I was that age!!

Terri said...

My husband has the same dream for Isaiah. He always says Isaiah will be a little motor cross guy. We have two quads and a jeep we take out to the desert.
I have to say Harrison looks pretty darn cute in the dirtbike gear for sure! I love the face he's giving.