Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pre-School Thanksgiving Program

The kids' Pre-school had their Thanksgiving program today, and they were TOO CUTE!!! Harrison and Mary Elizabeth's class were Pilgrims and Harper's class were Indians. Everyone said that Harper was the only one that looked like a Indian! They all did so well, the girls sang all the songs and did all the motions. Harrison did not sing one song or do one motion, but he still looked cute!!

After all the singing the kids were released by classes and the others had to wait their turn. Harper saw this open stage with nothing going on and she decided to dance for everyone. You can see her in the picture below with her back to me. Mary Elizabeth is in the center to the left of the little boy sitting down and Harrison is right behind the little boy sitting down.
After the program we went back to their classes and got to see art work and pictures displayed. The kids were rewarded with cookies and chips!
Pilgrim Mary Elizabeth enjoying her snack!
Indian Harper saying cheese!
Pilgrim Harrison showing me his art work!

I am so proud of my 3 little turkeys!!!


Vanessa said...

That's so adorable!!

The Rings said...

They are so big! And so so so cute! We miss you guys!

Amy said...

That is so cute, Isabella's school they made paper costumes but your kids school went all out, they look great.

Lisa said...

How georgous are those costumes! Just adorable! Lovely little Indians and Pilgrims! You must be so proud.