Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Party!!

Well I was right, Jason planned a surprise birthday party for me and it was so much fun!
I was very impressed that he thought of all the details, even bought napkins with 30 on them (see picture above). Many of our friends and their children came (we had 16 kids in our house and 6 of them were 3 year olds!!!!). Everyone seem to have a great time and all the food Jay prepared was wonderful!

Jay ordered the most beautiful and delicious cake from a local bakery. It was called the Pink Southern Lady (very fitting for me)!
Jay set up a tent outside filled it with balloons for the kids to play in and also had a bonfire for roasting marsh mellows.

The kids loved rolling down our hill in the leaves!
Thanks to everyone that came and made my 30th birthday special! We have only been in this community for 4 months, but have already made wonderful friends.
Thanks Jay for the wonderful surprise party!!! You are a wonderful husband and my Best Friend!!


happymomof2 said...

That is awesome!!! Sounds like he put a lot of thought into the party and that everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday again:)

Kate said...

glad it was so good!!!! :)

Nicole said...

Aw Jay - you did good! I wish we could've been there. Can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving. Love!!

Vanessa said...

That's so SWEET!! I LOVE the cake!