Sunday, August 17, 2008

Enjoying Family

I got a chance to do 2 of my favorite things at once, spending time with family and going to the beach! My sister, Alli, is a single mom who goes to school full time. She was on a short break and came and hung out with us for a week. RayLee, my niece, turns 2 years old next month. The kids adore her and want to treat her like a baby doll! Jason had some meetings come up in his office at Orange Beach, so we were not going to let another beach trip pass us by!! This was the last trip for the kids and I since they all start pre-school in a week (another post to come about that!!)
The kids all ready for bed.
My three little TANNED monkeys.
I love this picture!!
It just shows that a family can be made up of many races!! These four came from 3 different countries!
We did actually have a lady ask us if RayLee was part of our family since she did not "match" the others. We found it interesting that she asked about RayLee, who "matches" us, and not my kids. But it is a great opportunity to show people that true love is color-blind, and that love can only be giving by God!
Getting ready to go eat. As you can see in this picture Alli is quite a bit taller than me!!

Jay always enjoys taking his family to work with him!!!

Some pictures of Alli and RayLee on the beach.
She gets her good looks from her big sister, ha ha.

RayLee did not want any more pictures taken!!
This is my Suburban being towed and Jay standing beside on the phone!
Alli and I came back to the condo to put the kids down for a quick nap and then go out the eat, so we parked in a spot up close to unload our bus load of kids! I did not know that it was the parking spot for the most expensive Penthouse in the development!! So, when we came to get the car it was gone! We went down to the street level to see it going down the road behind a tow truck. Alli, who is quick tempered (sorry Alli!) started chasing the truck with RayLee on one hip and a designer purse on the other! Long story short, Jay apologized to the Penthouse owner and explained the situation and that he actually worked for the development so we did not have to pay any fees. The lesson I learned is don't park in a parking spot labeled Penthouse unless you own the penthouse!!
We had a great time and was sad to see Alli and RayLee go home!


allison_h2006 said...

I LOVED the blog and all the pictures!!!! we had a blast getting to hang out with you all!!! hopefully we will be able to make another trip soon!!! we miss everyone!! love u!
allison :)

The Rogers Family said...

Xan begins preschool this year too. He will be going two days a week. I think he is going to love it and I hope he learns how to play better with other kids his age.

I will be praying for you and your medical issues.

God Bless,

tip and mj said...

It looks like you all had a great time at the beach! We went down there a week after you all. Too bad we weren't there at the same time. Miss you!