Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1st Day of Preschool

The kids are officially Preschoolers now! I dropped them off at school at 8:30 this morning, they were very excited (more about their new backpacks and lunchbags). They looked adorable so I hope you are ready for picture overload again!!

This is their school, it is at our church (Liberty Baptist), so they already feel comfortable with the building (that was nice!)

This is a picture from last night when we went to Open house to meet their teachers. Harrison and Mary Elizabeth are in the same class (maybe a problem since Mary Elizabeth likes to do everything for Harrison) and Harper is just 2 doors down. Harper's class is a little more structured because they are preparing them for Kindergarten. We really liked the teachers!

These are from this morning! Don't you just love the red shoes I found for the girls!!

Backpacks and Lunchbags ready to go!
Harrison looking handsome, or he would say he looks COOL!

Harper looking beautiful and ready for school!

Mary Elizabeth looking pretty and waiting to go!

Off to school, and we even made it on time!!

When we got there all the kids went straight into their classrooms. There were several children in the hallways crying for the moms or dads. I am glad that all of mine were fine, but it mad me a little sad that no one would miss me!! I know they will have a great time today! You would think I would be getting a lot accomplished this morning being home alone, but I am counting down the minutes waiting for 12:30 to come so I can go get them!!


Sarah said...

Marsha... what a special day for your kiddos going off to school! I bet they miss you more than you know... but the confidence you have given them to go out and be blessings in the world should be something you are very proud of!

They look just as adorable as ever!! Love their backpacks and lunchboxes!!

Ashley & Chuck said...

As always, they look so cute!! I love those red shoes you got for the girls.

Amy said...

Ahhh...I feel your pain! And joy for them at the same time! :) I'm sure they had a blast! They sure did look sweet! (cool)

allison_h2006 said...

hey! we are glad to hear the kids had a great first day! im already counting down the weeks for this semester and i just started!!! Everyone looks super cute for their first day! hope we get to see u soon!!

Tammy said...

I thought about you guys today! I am sure they had a wonderful time. We dropped all three of ours off for the first time today also! Loved the red shoes on the girls and Harrison looked so grown up in his non-monogrammed shirt :)

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

They are too adorable! lol about what Tammy said about Harrison's non monogrammed shirt. =) You amaze me with your matching outfits and monograming on even the backpacks!!

The Rings said...

Ok.... Seriously! Where do those adorable little girl clothes come from?