Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some of my favorite memories as a Mother.

With Mother's Day coming up, I was reflecting on some of my favorite memories as a Mother.
  • First time I saw pictures of our children. (Harrison was 1 month old, Mary Elizabeth was 13 days old, and Harper was 2 1/2 years old)
  • Getting on a plane, 3 different times and 2 countries, to bring our children home.
  • First time I held our children in my arms.
  • First time we had to change Harrison and Mary Elizabeth's diapers, we had no idea what we were doing.
  • Trying to feed 2 babies at one time!!
  • Harrison had a Mohawk when he came home.
  • People thought Mary Elizabeth was a baby doll at the airport.
  • Our families meeting the kids for the first time.
  • Trying to figure out how to get 2 babies into Target without a stroller!
  • Watching the children eat sand at the beach.
  • SHOPPING for children's clothes!!
  • Harper meeting us at the gate of the orphanage and calling us Mommy and Daddy.
  • Living in Brazil for 2 months.
  • Giving Harper her FIRST warm bath (they did not have warm water at the orphanage).
  • Traveling 19 hours by plane with 3 toddlers!!!
  • Watching Harper's eyes light up with joy when she saw her playroom full of toys.
  • Taking 3 kids to the shoe store where 2 of them threw a temper tantrum in the floor.
  • Potty training 3 kids at one time (2 down, 1 to go).
  • Christmas, watching the kids open their presents.
  • Scrubbing artwork off the walls!!
  • More SHOPPING for children's clothes (I really like this one)!
  • Watching the girls walk around in my high heels.
  • Collecting bugs.
  • Visiting the farm, the kids playing in the dirt and swinging on the tire swing.
  • NEVER being finished with laundry.
  • Washing sippy cups.
  • Hearing my kids say, "I la la yew." That translates to I Love you!
  • The kids call their cups "Bubba", they are true southern children!
  • Kids crawling into bed with us on Saturday mornings.
  • Listening to the kids sing their favorite songs.
  • Buying them anything they want!! They are a little SPOILED.
  • Harrison helping his Daddy work on the tractor.
  • Dressing the kids alike (I even match their pajamas).
  • ABC's and 123's
  • playing pretend
  • Mary Elizabeth asking us "What you doing in Jesus' house?" with attitude!
  • Harrison thinks toothpicks are called "Pentateuchs" (which is the first 5 books of the Old Testament)
  • Harper reminds us everyday that she does not like "pickools" (pickles).
  • Kids naming the books in the Pentateuch and the Gospels.
  • Peeling 25 (whole box) of band aids off the carpet, just finished this one!!

You can see that I love just about everything that they do. I was once asked if I ever say to myself "What was I thinking?". I responded, NO, everyday is a great day! It is such a miracle that we are a family, that even our worst days are a blessing because God has brought us together. I absolutely LOVE being a Mother and would never trade my life and experiences for all the riches in the World.

Becoming Parents was not an easy accomplishment for Jason and I, it took alot of time, paperwork, money, and prayer. I rode the emotional roller coaster for years!! I look back on that time of my life and see it as dark time, but I never want to forget it! Because of the struggles we went through it made us realize what a miracle life itself is and what a privilege it is to be chosen to be parents (however you became one). I always look at that time as confirmation that God is always at work in our lives, He cares for us, and is faithful. If things had gone according to my plan, I would not have 3 wonderful angels in my life right now. For those of you who are going through the pain of infertility or are in the process of adoption, just remember that God's timing is perfect and long before time began He had the perfect child picked for your family. Our God is so GOOD!

I just have to add one more memory to the list...

  • Finding candle holders full of orange juice!! I just found these a few minutes ago. (5/8/08 1:15 Pm)


Amy said...

Aw, Marsha...this made me teary. Every child should have a Mom with such a good grasp of what's important, and what's not! Precious, and I'm so glad God brought you together in His timing and by His design!

Sarah said...

Marsha... you are as much a blessing to your children as they are to you. I agree that God had a plan when matching a parent with their child... and adoption is one of his greatest blessings! Harrison, Mary Elizabeth and Harper are so beautiful! I love that you love every minute with them and love seeing them in their beautiful outfits as well!

Hope we can get the children together again if you are ever back this way in KY!!!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day with your three blessings!!

Dena said...

Your children are soo gorgeous - I bet your house is SUPER fun! What a great list - SHOPPING tops mine too! I hope your mother's day is filled with much joy !!!!

Tracy'sspace said...

What a lovely post! Happy Mothers Day

Jenelle said...

I love your post! Your children are beautiful! Band-aids on the carpet? Candle-holders full of juice? Sounds like my house. :)

Happy Mother's Day.

Kim & Dave said...

Love your post!!!

It is such a blessing to be a mom, & a blessing to be a part of adoption!

Kathy said...

That was a great post! Your children are beautiful. I love the pic on the side of the 5 pairs of shoes next to one another...priceless!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hannah said...

What beautiful pictures of your children.