Friday, May 16, 2008

Packing with 3 helpers...

Wanted to give everyone a view of what it is like to pack up a house with 3 little helpers!
The kids kept asking me why I was boxing their toys, so I told them we had to box everything that we wanted to take to our new house in Alabama. A few minutes later I found Harrison trying to tape Harper up in a box, when I asked him what he was doing he replied, "We have to take Harper to Alabama!" I am glad he loves is sister!!

The girls were helping me stack boxes.

This stack is mostly the kid's clothes and toys!!
I can't believe how much stuff they have!

This video is of the kids doing a trick, with the boxes, that their Daddy taught them. At first they were just jumping off the boxes to the floor, but Jason thought it would be more fun to move the bed closer!!

Can you tell which one of our children is not very coordinated?

Sorry Mary Elizabeth! But don't worry, Mommy is not either!!


The Rings said...

I remember a time when "Daddy"(Jason) was not too coordinated either - I think there were stairs involved though! :) That was a great video!

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Looks like fun! Hope your move goes well!