Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little time for Blogging these days...

We are still here and doing great!! I have just had little time for Blogging, taking pictures, sleeping, showering, or eating these days!!! Bowen is wonderful and has just fit right in with our already busy schedule. My three BIG helpers are doing great too and loving their baby brother.
Weeks 3 and 4 have been filled with little sleep and lots of feeding - so no laundry has been done, or cooking, or cleaning - but we have enjoyed these big bright eyes more and more everyday!
Even though I am exhausted most days, I am daily reminded how blessed I am! February is a very emotional month for me as it is when Jason and I first started trying to have children, 7 years ago! However this year I am emotional in a different way! I am overwhelmed that not only has God brought the three cutest Latinos into our home and given us the privilege to be their parents forever, but now God has given us the opportunity to bring life into this world. I am blessed that God has brought us through hardship and grief so that we can understand the miracle of life and what truly makes a family!! The number one question people ask me is "Did you feel differently about Bowen coming than you did the the other 3?" I must honestly say that the morning I was laying in the hospital bed I felt exactly the same as I did when I was riding on those airplanes. The only thing I was thinking was I get hold my son today! (Also, the labor was shorter than those plane rides too!!)
What a precious gift it is to be a mother!!!!
I just want to enjoy every second of it - even if that means little sleep, no clean house, or days without a shower!
Kids with Nana

Nap time with Daddy (who is loving having another boy!)
The girls still think Bowen is a baby doll and do not like to hear him cry. I overheard Harrison talking to Bowen the other day and he said, "I am so glad you are here, I always wanted a brother to play with."
Bowen at 1 month old

I hope to do a better job of blogging in the future!!!!


Tammy Baum said...

Not blogging much myself these days, for different reasons. Glad to hear things are going well. He is beautiful!

Kara said...

It is totally understandable! :) you have your hands full with such wonderful blessings!! We will let it slide as long as you pop in every now and again with pictures :)

Lund7 said...

Bowen is just beautiful...your whole family is!

I haven't been good at blogging lately either...I don't have a good excuse like you though! Thanks for posting pictures of your kiddos and keep them coming!!

Terri said...

What a handsome little guy! I'm loving all their outfits as always! As Kara said.... give us a few pictures every no and again and we'll be happy! =)

Vanessa said...

I'm totally behind on blogging for various reasons as well, but girl you have an EXCELLENY reason!! Love up that sweet baby boy because they grow up way too fast!!

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

So I haven't checked blogs in FOREVER and I was just playing around on the computer and decided to take a look at some blogs! I was so surprised! Congratulations! I did not know you guys were expecting a little one! How exciting! He is adorable, as are your other 3! I can't believe how big the older ones are now (I guess I should believe it since mine are 3 and 4 now!). Anyway, I'm so happy for you guys! What a lovely family God has blessed you with!