Friday, October 9, 2009

Visiting Mimi and PaPa

We had the chance to take a short trip to the North Georgia Mountains to visit Jason's Mom and Step dad. Last weekend was the Georgia Marble Festival, so we got to enjoy a full weekend of fun. Jason walked in the Walk-a-thon with his Mom, we watch a great parade and got lots of candy, went to the festival and ate great food, the kids played games and we even brought home a new pet (that I won!). Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Shelly Powers said...

Love the pics of them going down the slide... there faces are priceless! SO sweet! What a blessing you and Jason are to those sweet little ones.

Love the black shirts I just might have to steel that idea... and i saw those pink boots at Wal Mart too and we got a pair too! Too Cute!

Melinda said...

Love the girls' outfits and boots. I really wanted a pair for Crista but sweet hubby nixed that idea :-) Loved all your pics!

Can you believe we're almost in the 3rd trimester already?! Wasn't it yesterday we were announcing our pregnancies?? I'm sure by now you're feeling lots of movement. Isn't that the BEST feeling?!?! I think I'll forever miss this part of pregnancy once the baby is in our arms. Hope all is well!!

Hannah said...

Such Great pictures! My sister in law would die over those camouflage dresses.