Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shopping with 3 little kids...

I Had to do some shopping today and had to take the kids along with me! So I thought I would share a little insight of how I go shopping all day with 3 little ones.
I pack really good snacks!

Once I get all the kids in a cart I cannot buy much, so it really saves us money!! Notice the girls are sitting on a case of Diet Cokes. We always hit the drink isle first for seats!

We went to 6 different stores and got 6 pair of shoes, Harrison a Easter outfit, pair of shorts, 2 bathing suits, 4 shirts, 4 gallons of milk, 3 different Easter Egg decorating kits, Easter candy, and ended with one very tired Mommy!!
Now I have to go buy groceries tomorrow!!!


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Vanessa said...

I know how much an adventure that can be all too well!! When I go with my three kiddos at least one cause a complete scene by having a melt down so bad we exit without the entire list!!

Leslie said...

LMAO and how much did you still spend?

I remember those days of putting my 3 little ones in the cart!! goodtimes!

Terri said...

That exactly how our cart looks with Isaiah and Abbie! But you have three!!!! I bet you get a good workout pushing the cart around the store!!!
Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!!!!

Lisa said...

Very cute! You really got alot done, even without the grocery part! Good luck with that later! lol

a devoted heart said...

They're so cute!! Shopping with little ones is exhausting!!!!

Isabella's mom said...

alot of work!

The Fitzgerald's said...

Okay I have one and I keep snacks in my bag so doing it with 3 is like being super women!! Kudos to you!