Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playing in 2009!!!

We have enjoyed playing these past few days!!
Jason has been off work and he has enjoyed spending time with the kids.
Guess why the kids are smiling so big in the picture below!
They just saw their new trampoline that Mimi and PaPa got them!

I can already see we may be in the Emergency Room a lot in 2009!

I have been feeling better since surgery (1 week before Christmas), so today was my first time on the go-cart. The kids are much better at driving it than I am!

This is a trail that run beside our house. It is suppose to be for horse riding, but we are using it for go-cart riding!

Of course I have to put in my sweet babies looking cute in 2009!

And this is what Lucinda Bell has been up to... laying on top of Harrison's lizard tank watching Dora and Diego (the lizards) every move!

Just wanted to share a little bit of our play time in the New Year!


Leslie said...

OHHHhH looks like the trampoline is a BIG praying they stay safe!!!

Your kids are just soooooo cute!


Terri said...

I Love those three pictures of the kids!
I think my little man would love that trampoline!
Looks like a lot of fun!

Aimee said...

Awesome pix!!! I checked out your agency's site for Harper's adoption. I would love to hear how the two processes compare and contrast. Your girls are just beautiful!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pics, as always! Love the trail picture. how lovely, even for go cart riding! We had a cat that slept on the fish tank, not for the fish, but to drink the water from the pump. Cats definately have their own personalities, just as diverse as childrens.